Concept / Designer / Fabricator

Noir Lounge

Worked closely with the owners to design the brand identity to viscerally capture the heart of the aesthetic and atmosphere of this classy lounge.

The brand composed together a series of stylized metaphors.

Complete development of the Noir Lounge digital brand identity by recognizing client’s idea of creating a bar with themes reflecting specific era in American media culture. The logo’s intent was to capture the essence of proposed elements and themes:

  • Art deco jewelry, represented by the triangle and the fonts
  • The under glow and reflections in the metal represents the silver screen of the film noir
  • The flat black as the breast of a tuxedo
  • The wine bottle as the ‘key hole in a lock’ hinting on the secrete allure of a speak easy

Designed a process to make the radial reflection burst in the aluminum triangle.

  • Designing and fabricating the exterior sign to represent the logo
  • Complete construction strategy and methodology
  • Project planning and management
  • Digital Model prototype and CNC production files
  • Project sourcing and fabrication
  • Mounting and Installation

Onyx Bar under-lit with LED lights, the surface glow provides a golden hearth for the patrons.

Interior consulting on ceiling and bar design, construction methods and material selection. Worked closely with Project Architect and Contractor to accomplish the specified result.

The post demolition ceiling had a network of pipes and conduit webbing throughout the whole space. The solution was to create a back-lit translucent mesh ceiling with a centered barrel volt spanning through the main space inspired by the art deco elements in the Empire State building.

Translucent Honey Onyx stone was recommended as the bar-top, due to my past experience with the material from an earlier project, Little Delhi restaurant.