Designer / Fabricator

Stock In Trade

Navigating a way around site and budget constraints through creative design and assembly practice implementation to find the right solution that bears the proper weight, durability and functional requirements, all while adhering to the brand image and logo.

Backdrop: Reclaimed fence wood from Heritage Lumber, Petaluma CA.

The site was barren and continuously vandalized by the weekly customers. The owner’s concerns were to have an exceptional and durable sidewalk presence for their brand.

Steel from BayShore Metals, San Francisco CA.

Designed a slot construction assembly through sketch studies and material tests.

The main reason for the slot construction assembly is delivery. Construction in this manner allows all components to lay flat enabling assembly reassembly and lifting to be performed by 2 people. This saves unnecessary expense of forklift and welding. All parts slide into the base in sequence of cross-directional reinforcement with final front horizontal pieces sliding through to the back and locking into place with triangular slivers.